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  1. How do I add a collaborator to my book?
  2. How do I change my book title and/or URL?
  3. How can I change my password?
  4. How do I customize my copyright page?
  5. How do I use the Pressbooks Cover Generator?
  6. How do I customize my book's CSS in Pressbooks?
  7. How do I delete my book?
  8. How do I use dropcaps (or initial letters) in my book?
  9. Why doesn't my ebook have formatting that I can see in my PDF?
  10. How do I export my files?
  11. How do I create footnotes or endnotes?
  12. Why isn't my book formatting correctly after I've copied or imported my book into Pressbooks?
  13. What is front matter?
  14. How do I add external links to my ebook, digital PDF, or webbook?
  15. How do I import my book from a Word docx file?
  16. What do I need to know about ISBNs?
  17. How do I manage collaborator roles for users on my book?
  18. How do I prepare cover images for print?
  19. What details should I give my cover designer?
  20. How do I upload my ebook cover file into Pressbooks?
  21. How do I turn an ebook cover into a print cover?
  22. Why Isn't my Cover Showing up in my PDF Export?
  23. How do I delete my account?
  24. Can I convert my MS Word or Open Office footnotes into Pressbooks endnotes?
  25. Can I add endnotes to my book?
  26. How do I specify a front or back matter type?
  27. How do I reorder front matter sections in Pressbooks?
  28. What is back matter?
  29. How do I make a wide table display horizontally in my PDF export?
  30. Can I remove the running content and/or page numbers from the section title pages of my PDF?
  31. If I use Pressbooks, who owns my book?
  32. Can import a PDF or InDesign file into Pressbooks?
  33. Why does my credit card statement show multiple charges for Pressbooks after I've purchased an upgrade?
  34. How do I delete an anchor from my book in Pressbooks?
  35. How do I remove blank pages from my PDF file?
  36. Why don't I have the option to make my webbook public?
  37. I paid for an upgrade. Why does my ebook still have a Pressbooks ad?
  38. How can I give users access to downloadable files from the homepage of my webbook?
  39. Why is my book indented in my content editor but not in my PDF?
  40. How do I move a chapter to a different part of my book?
  41. Does Pressbooks offer technical support over the phone?
  42. Can I make an audiobook on Pressbooks?
  43. What does selecting an ebook start point do?
  44. Can I make a children's book or picture book in Pressbooks?
  45. I use my local library's Pressbooks network. Where do I go for support?
  46. Can I anchor image titles to my image so that they aren't split over two pages in my PDF files?
  47. I have an open source Pressbooks network. Where do I go for support?
  48. How do I add paragraph numbering to my book?
  49. How do I remove the half-title page from my PDF?
  50. How do I make a title page in Pressbooks?
  51. How can I customize my theme?
  52. Can I test my EPUB ebook file?
  53. Can I format poetry in Pressbooks?
  54. How do I force a paragraph to not indent?
  55. How do I change my paragraphs from skipped lines to indented paragraphs, or vise versa?
  56. How do I add a blank page to my book?
  57. How do I create a section break in my book?
  58. Why can't I upload a new file to my media library?
  59. What is the file size limit for ebook covers?
  60. What is the maximum size limit of uploaded media files?
  61. What is the maximum size limit of uploaded files for import?
  62. I put in a 300 dpi image but it didn’t stay that way. What gives?
  63. If I’m just doing an ebook, what size and resolution should my images be?
  64. How do I upload just one image for both ebook and print? I need it to be high enough quality for print, but also not make my file so big it incurs ebook digital delivery fees.
  65. How do I control the exact location of an image on the page – for instance, in a photo spread or photo book?
  66. Should I add my images to my chapters at full, large or medium size if I’m doing a print book?
  67. The media editor lets me resize images – why do I need to resize my images outside of Pressbooks?
  68. What size should my images be before I upload them into Pressbooks?
  69. If I change the permalink (URL) of a chapter in the webbook, can users still access it with the original link?
  70. How do I duplicate my book?
  71. Does Pressbooks support Markdown?
  72. How do I create a page break?
  73. How do page numbers work for my exports?
  74. Can I have a hanging indent in my ebook?
  75. How do I change my book privacy settings?
  76. How do I restore a previous draft of my chapter?
  77. What are running heads and feet, and how does Pressbooks use them in my book?
  78. Do you have any advice for self-publishing indie authors?
  79. How can I make a table in Pressbooks?
  80. Can I turn off my table of contents?
  81. How do I add another level to my table of contents?
  82. Why does my book look bad on Kindle when I view it on my iPad or iPhone?
  83. How do I make a textbox in Pressbooks?
  84. How and why should I change my theme?
  85. How do I make a custom title page?
  86. What does it cost to try Pressbooks?
  87. Does Pressbooks have a user guide?
  88. How do I embed videos or other interactive content?
  89. Do you have any video tutorials on how to use Pressbooks?
  90. How do I see my word count in Pressbooks?